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Body Contouring

Body Contouring or Liposuction

Are you unhappy with the size or shape of your body?

Body contouring (or liposuction) is a general term that refers to any surgical procedure that alters different areas of the body, whether it is in a massive weight loss patient or not.

What is body contouring or liposuction?

Suction-assisted lipectomy, or liposuction, is a surgical technique designed to remove body fat from various parts of the body including the face, chin, arms, axilla, abdomen, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.

It is an effective technique in reducing disproportionate areas of fat accumulation thereby helping to recontour the body.

It is especially useful in those individuals who have good skin elasticity.

How is liposuction performed?

In Mr Fitton’s practice, liposuction is usually performed under a general anaesthetic and, depending on the individual’s requirements, takes between one to two hours to complete.

Liposuction is usually performed under general anaesthetic and takes one-two hours.

Using a small specially designed cannula (hollow tube of the diameter of a straw) inserted through small incisions in the skin, fat is gently removed by attaching the cannula to a suction device.

The liposuction procedure is facilitated by using a power-assistance device which improves the efficiency of fat removal. At the beginning of the procedure a mixture of sterile saline and local anaesthetic is injected into the regions to be treated – this is known as a wet or super wet technique.

Recovery from Liposuction

At the end of the procedure you will be fitted with a tight-fitting garment. This helps to control swelling and bruising as well as providing some comfort.

It is normally advised that you recover overnight in hospital but this does depend on the extent of the liposuction. Once discharged you should try to mobilise by walking around your home frequently for the first day or so.

As the discomfort and swelling settles you will feel more confident to take longer walks outside. You will be prescribed pain killer tablets.

You should wear the pressure garment for two to three weeks, at which point a follow-up appointment will be arranged. Most of the bruising and swelling should have settled at this stage and you should be fit to return to work.

You may experience some numbness in the skin where the liposuction has been performed, which takes several weeks to fade. You will be able to start strenuous physical exercise by three months.

Risks of Liposuction

As with any operation there is an exceptionally low risk of infection. Severe cases of infection and skin necrosis are reported.

Irregularity and ridges in the areas treated can occur even when meticulous care is taken at the time of the surgery. By removing the underlying fat, the skin will become lax and saggy. In young patients this will creep back in a similar way as a pregnant woman’s abdomen shrinks back after birth. But this is dependent on age and skin type as well as the degree to which the skin has been stretched before the procedure.

In some cases, it may be best to consider combining liposuction with other operations such as an abdominoplasty.

Other severe but very rare complications such as pulmonary and fat embolism and pulmonary oedema have been reported after liposuction. One should balance the risks with the benefits before going ahead with treatment.

Alternative treatments for liposuction

There are, of course, other options: diet and exercise are safer. Liposuction should not replace a healthier lifestyle but they can often be a kick start to changing your approach to a healthier way of living.

In some situations, liposuction may not be appropriate and operations such as “tummy-tuck” may be a better way of reshaping your body.

i-Lipo is a recently introduced means of combining exercise with a non-invasive, and targeted, fat reduction program.

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Sincere gratitude for all you have done for me

"I have no words to explain my sincere gratitude for all you have done for me. For most of my life I have avoided mirrors and fitted clothing and any kind of event that may show my body. Thanks to you and your team I can now start living again. Thank you to the staff and nurses for the patience and care while I was on your ward; I felt like a nuisance but you always made me feel I was no trouble. This surgery has been a very long time coming and a massive part of my dysphoria. Mr Fitton, you have changed my life, thank you!"

This procedure has given me back my confidence

"From the time my husband and I attended the consultation you put our minds at ease, we felt in real good hands, and when you said that you could remove all the scars I was "Wow really", but to be honest I did not believe that one of them could be removed with such a brilliant result. The day that we saw the surgery for the first time we were speechless, we both had tears, happy tears, and when I got home and stood in front of the mirror I was shaking from shock. I could not believe what I was seeing...This procedure has given me back my confidence and I feel so much healthier. I am forever grateful to you, for the person I am now looking at, and how I feel. I wish you every success in your field."

I can't believe how lucky I am

"I cannot express how having this procedure has changed my life in so short a time. I can't believe how lucky I am and how I feel about myself; you are in my eyes, an amazing surgeon."
Mrs A

What you need to know...


Body contouring is a general term that refers to any surgical procedure that removes any unwanted body fat.

Stay Required

Most people need to stay in hospital overnight.


Treatment takes 1-3 hours depending on the individual’s requirements.


Liposuction is usually performed under a general anaesthetic.